Clothing (including Night Vision and Heat Vision) are rare items, and (including paints) are most commonly found in crates. The Gas Mask, the Bullet Proof Vest, Night Vision (NVG), and Heat Vision are the only types of clothing that contains a special "perk".


  • Bandana
  • Domino Crown
  • Empyreus
  • Fez
  • Fedora
  • Fireman
  • Gas Mask
    • The only hat with a use, it prevents toxic gas from causing your toxicity levels to rise up. 
  • Helmet
  • Hockey Mask
  • Hood
    • Often used for camoflauge.
  • Police Hat
  • Ushanka
  • Stetson

Face GearEdit

  • Heat Vision
    • Heat vision is very rare just like night vision, and it outlines players with a blue highlighting and blurrs everything else, including zombies.
  • Night Vision
    • It is very rare like heat vision, this will make night much more clear but causing it to have a green tint. (Night vision is actually black and white now.)
  • Shades
    • Found in crates in various areas around the map. You would look so cool with these bro, just don't wear them at night.


  • Bullet Vest
  • Ghillie Suit