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Bandits just cruisin.

As we all know deadzone creator blocked the original deadzone, and some people started creating there own deadzone. Now here i'm going to show the the new reputation from this amazing game, what you can do to become a good guy... or what you can do to become a bad guy.

Gaining ReputationEdit

Reputation is the count of how good, or bad you are. Heros are often as good as someone can be. Note: Do NOT trust "Heros" with insane reputation i.e (9999999) as they may be hackers. There are also Mobsters, which kill ANYTHING and EVERYTHING. Reputation is gained by killing players. Killing players with reputation above 0, will grant you negative rep, while killing players below 0 will grant you positive rep.

(Also, any rep that does NOT end with a 0 or a 5, I.E 2034 is a hacked reputation!)


This is the most special status, hands down. When you first join Deadzone, you have 0 reputation meaning you are neither good nor bad. Once you make your first player kill, it is extremely hard to get back to 0 reputation. Civillians usually don't have extremely rare weaponry and are often new to the game itself. They are also often reffered to as Noobs, or Bambies. Mostly Noobs/Bambies start with a gun called ruger with a .22 ammo clip.


There are 4 Hero statuses. Civillian (with good rep) Deputy, Sherriff, and then Hero. Once Civillians get their first positive kill, they will enter the "good civillian" state. People who are Ranger are trying to become a good person,  Deputys are promoting good causes, Sherriffs usually are intent on becoming so, and Heroes will protect all that is good, unless you attack them. (Read note on the "Gaining Reputation" section) If you're a baddie, you're in for one hell of a fight against the good.


There are 4 Villain statuses. Outlaw, Bandit, Villain, then Mobster. Once civillians get their first negative kill, they will enter the Outlaw state. Bandits are usually trying to be the best at murder, because in a zombie apocalypse, it's ALL about looting for these guys. Villains are crooks, they'll shoot you dead if they see you, and watch out for their buddies too. Mobsters are as bad as you can get, they usually have really good itmes, Military grade weaponry, large packs, and much more. If you're a Hero, Mobsters will show no mercy.