STANAG Ammunition is a very common type of ammo used in many assault rifles. The STANAG 30, 45, and 60 magazines are all compatible with each other, while the STANAG Box and STANAG CM are not.

STANAG Ammunition comes in many sizes. There is the STANAG 30, STANAG 45, STANAG 60, and STANAG CM. The STANAG 30 holds 30 rounds, the 45 holds 45, the 60 holds 60, and the CM holds a large 100. A newly added STANAG ammunition is known as a STANAG Box, a rare box case holding 500 rounds per box. This type of ammunition is accepted by all Stanag guns except G36 and Steyr AUG. Only 1 gun in the game requires this ammo, and that is a Nightstalker.

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