The Shop Keeper sells items to players which can be purchased with money.


The Shop Keeper sells supplies (apothecary supplies, fortifications, food, water, an alice pack, camoflage, and keys), ammunition, and attachments. When bought, the items are transferred to the player's bank. All items are relatively expensive.


Money can currently be obtained by killing zombies which drop 5-25 dollars upon death. 4 game passes which grant $2,500 each can also be bought with 75 Robux or 750 Tix.

Items and UsesEdit

Costs per item (the following is listed in order of appearance: left to right and down one row)


-Bandages – Apothecary- used to stop bleeding, $100

-Pills – Apothecary- restores a little bit of blood, $150

-Pain Killers – Apothecary- restores some blood (more than Pills), $250

-Antibiotics – Apothecary- restores lots of blood (more than Pain Killers), $650

-Medkit – Apothecary- used to stop bleeding and fully restores the blood bar, $1000

-Planks – Fortifications- provides cover (like a wall) and can block off entrances/exits, $300

-Barbed Wire – Fortifications- very badly injures all who try to pass through, can block off entrances/exits, $400

-Sandbags – Fortifications- provides cover from the lower half of one's body and allows the user to shoot, can be used to block off entrances/exits, $500

-Food Pack – Fully restores the hunger bar, $750

-Water Pack – Fully restores the thirst bar, $750

-Beartrap – Fortifications- whoever steps on this trap loses some blood and gets their leg broken, it also lets the user know that someone has set off the trap (one time use), $450

-Girder – A small ladder-like object that can be climbed and jumped off of, $400

-Alice Pack – Backpack- stores a total of 32 slots, $1500

-Key – Used to open individual crates for loot, $2500 or 10 can be bought for 700 Robux or 7000 Tix with a game pass

-Ghillie Suit – Camoflage- camoflages the user in grass, $2500


-.22 Clip – $200

-.357 Magnum – $225

-12 Gauge – $100

-39mm 43M – $400

-39mm 87M – $1000

-9mm Magazine – $250

-Slugs – $250

-.308 Winchester – $275

-STANAG 30 – $400

-STANAG CM (C-Mag) – $1000

-Petrol – Comes in a quantity of "5000," consumed by vehicles (except the bike), $1000

-9mm Custom – $750

-.50 Magazine – $750

-12 Gauge Drum – $750

-7.62mm Clip – $1500


-Red Dot Sight – $500

-Reflex Sight – $500

-Swarovski Scope – A medium range optic, $625

-Grip – Reduces recoil, $625

-Tactical Light – $800

-Kobra Sight – $500

-Holo Sight – $500

-ACOG Scope – $625

-Bipod – Reduces recoil, $700

-Tactical Lazer (Tac L) – $800

-Compact Scope – A long range optic, $1000

-Silencer – Silences gunfire coming from the gun, $1000

-Bayonette – $1500

-Heat Scope – When aiming it outlines all players in white, $2000

-Night Scope – When aiming it enables Night Vision, $2000

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