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  • The Real DOGE

    Hey guys, so here we're going to talk about.. What happened to deadzone.

    The creator's name is Nelson Sexton, he decided to make his name DeadzoneZakZack

    Well, first of all, it was made, not very much stuff was added. However, there was many updates. He wanted it to be a reference to another game,(unknown game, with no zombies) but then they wanted zombies in the game. So he made his first update with zombies in the game. Then he added more guns, now, they're many guns in deadzone right now. Then he added melee weapons. The next update was a big one, he began to add, broken legs, toxicity, hats, gas masks, and drivable vehicles. During the next day, he decided to lay off on the updates, less than 1 update per day. All was going well.. Until.…

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